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Kenya, East Africa

Project Objective - Funding for Education of Disabled Children

Father Benedict Mutunga from the Catholic Diocese of Machakos in Katoloni led a project to aid needy children with their education. To date Father Benedict has received €4,000 to assist in the maintenance and fees for the children. "We have been able to assist five children and treat many minor disabilities with surgery. We have paid our contribution towards the athletics annual event and were also able to pay outstanding fees."

This would not have been achieved if Father Benedict had not received the funds from World Mercy Fund. Speaking about the support received from World Mercy Fund, Father Benedict said "Please accept our gratitude on behalf of the children and the community as a whole."

Father Benedict is now seeking further help for the children.

The new project looks after impoverished children, especially the physically disabled in their parish. The main aim is to educate these children and to make them feel part of the community. In many cases the families have neglected the children as a result of their disabilities. The parish want these children to make a future for themselves with the education they receive. A number of these children are really talented and can make beautiful handcrafts assisted by their teachers. Others are academically talented, many get higher education. Father Benedict's and the Parish's role is to assist the children to make their own lives after school.

Through the support of The World Mercy Fund the children from Katoloni Parish can help themselves to live an educated and happier life.

Nigeria, Africa

Project Objective - Funding for Extension of St. Joseph's Rehabilitation Centre

St. Joseph's Rehabilitation Centre was built in 2004 by The Diocese of Markurdi under the direction of Rev.P.Foley CSsP and his staff from Abwa. The Local Goverment gave land to Rev.P.Foley to build the centre in March 2003. Construction began the following year with two buildings which housed two offices, a meeting hall and a welding workshop. There was a further expansion of 6 latrines, a generator house and a guardhouse - all wheelchair accessible.

St. Joseph's overall aim is to provide a future for the dignity of people with physical handicaps where they are respected and can live a healthy and productive life within their communities.

There are three key objectives:

  1. To secure a place where physically handicapped people can have social meetings & gatherings.
  2. To help disabled people to become more self supporting.
  3. To attain mobility for as many handicapped people as possible.

To date these objectives have been accomplished but now the goal is to make the centre financially sustainable. To become a reality they they need more land and buildings. In January 2007 a request was made to the local Goverment for additional land for further development. This was given in February 2007.

In order to make a centre financially sustainable The St. Joseph's Centre will need a much larger welding workshop and adequate storage space. Included in the building for storage, they require three workshops to be added to the house training centres in computer, weaving and knitting as well as shoemaking. The disabled need these trades if they, in turn, are to become self sufficient.

World Mercy Fund can support these people by supplying the necessary funds for this project.

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Thanks to your much needed help World Mercy Fund have donated over €5,000,000 worldwide this year throughout the following sectors:

  • Medical
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