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Water is the life blood of a community when sick children lack the energy to learn, young men lack the drive to work hard and so the circle of poverty continues.

In many rural communities, it is the women and children who are responsible for locating and transporting water. Fulfilling this daily responsibility often leaves little or no time for women to pursue developmental opportunities or for the young to receive education. As this poverty continues nothing can change a community like providing a source of clean water for the first time.

Giving clean water to a poverty stricken community is like given a blood transfusion to a dying man. Water means new potential, new hope for a better tomorrow and a new life. Even if there is enough food to eat, families may still be slowly dying from another form of hunger called "Invisible Hunger" which comes from drinking unsafe water - water borne parasites ingested when drinking contaminated water.

However, the gift of clean water continues to heal. It truly is a life saving solution.

Below are just some of the many water projects World Mercy Fund will aid this year.

Country - Kenya

Project Objective - Training project for people in Rongo, Kenya, about the importance of protecting water sources from pollution.

Last year the 'Kabosi Women's Group' applied for funding assistance towards the implementation of water protecting projects - protecting water fountains, boreholes and training the locals about water sanitation. The proposed project is set to be accomplished over the next year.

The Kaboski Women's Group has been actively involved in assisting poor rural women accessing clean water, as well as improving their sanitary conditions by sinking wells, protecting water fountains, digging pit latrines and training families about the importance of  personal hygiene and the importance of boiling water. In the past sources of funding for the above activities have been through contributions from group members, fundraising local and support within the community.

With the assistance from The World Mercy Fund the project will enable the Kabosi Women's Group to;

  • Use volunteer trainers to train more people about the management of water resources.
  • Raise funds from members in terms of membership contributions to sustain the project.
  • Charge fees on use of water resource from protected springs, wells and fountains to non-members.

Country - Ghana

Project Objective - The drilling of a borehole in 37 square km catchment area. Five more to be drilled in the future.

The Queen of Peace Parish (Spiritan Missionaries) from Madina, Accra, Ghana, requested support from World Mercy Fund to contribute towards the well being of the people by making clean and safe water available throughout the VE - Golakuati staggering catchment area covering 37 square km. This will be done through the drilling and mechanisation of a borehole which will contribute to the eradication of all water born diseases currently affecting the region.

Water in these areas is often collected or stored in rusty tanks of muddy pavements frequented by reptiles and insects, water-borne diseases like guinea-worm, schistosomiasis, typhoid fever and amoebic dysentery can result in increased infant mortality.

The Queen of Peace Parish was established in 1996. The main activities the parish deals with include; campaigns on HIV, health care and disease prevention. The spiritan's working in this vast catchment area propose to drill and mechanise a borehole that will serve the people in one of the communities in the catchment area. The long term plan will include drilling six boreholes after the expectant success of the first.

World Mercy Fund aid will contribute to the well being of the people in this area by making clean and safe water through the drilling and mechanisation of the borehole.

Country - Kenya

Project Objective - a water project for 15,000 people and 8,000 animals in Thigio, Limuru.

The Congregation of the Mission (Vincentians) based in Karen, Nairobi, Kenya is desperate need of cleanwater, as the lack of it is having devastating affects on the people, crops and livestock within the area. The Vincentians are hoping to resolve the problem by supplying water to the people and also to aid in farming.

The area of Thigio, where the parish is located is prone to drought. It is located beside a rift valley (very dirty area). The people in this town, especially the women, mustv walk long distances to bring back a small fill of water to their families on a daily basis. The crops and even the animals regularly suffer from the lack of water.

The aim is to solve the sitiation by theprovisions of a borehole to supply water to the people of Thigio. The new water system will benefit a population of 15,000 local people - when drinking water or preparing food but it is also hoped to help the farming/animal husbandry situation by providing some form or irrigation.

In 1625, The Congregation of the Mission was founded by St. Vincent De Paul, their goal was to set up relief for the poor and training of the clergy. They specialise in preaching missions and retreats, especially in the porer, deprived areas.

Since arriving at the neglected parish in 2006, the Congregation of the Mission has aimed to give the people a sign of hope and encouragement as it is a largely marginalized area. There is no govement support and the level of poverty is high. One water borehole will help thousands of people work towards a better standard of life.

Country - Malawi

Project Objective - Water project, 6 wells and spare parts for diesel engine water pump.

Sthe St. Smeon - Njale Parish in Thyolo, Malawi have requested financial funding from World Mercy Fund towards the building of up of six wells and purchase of spare parts for a diesel water pump.

In 1967 the St. Simeon - Njale Parish was established by the Montfort Fathers. In the past the parish has been involved in pastoral work - preaching the gospel to the spiritually needy. In previous years theie main source of funding has been through Sunday collections and contributions from Christians.

The problem of clean water is the greatest problem that faces the parish and the surrounding villages. People are forced to drink unhealthy, unsafe water direct from swamps and streams as there are no boreholes or taps available. As a result of drinking this unsafe water there are outbreaks of water borne diseases such as cholera and dysentery. Many people have died from these diseases especially during the rainy season. Furthermore, due to the aids epidemic claiming the lives of people, there are many orphans in these villages.

To date there has been no help from other organisations who had been approached to fund this project. World Mercy Fund is commited to working with the people of Thyolo towards the creation of six water wells.

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Thanks to your much needed help World Mercy Fund have donated over €5,000,000 worldwide this year throughout the following sectors:

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